Our Children Can't Wait - Stop the BC Child Care Teacher Crisis

The teacher shortage in BC Child Care is at a crisis point. 

Child care programs are operating without licensed teachers, running with "exemptions" from the licensing department so that the child care program can remain open.

Teachers who are unable to take a day off to see a doctor because there are no substitutes.  Teachers are coming in to work sick just to be able to keep doors open. 

There is a continual turnover of teachers within child care programs, causing stress and harm to our children.

Teacher shortages and teacher turnover decrease the quality of care, and increase stress on the teachers who remain within the classroom. For many operators, the only option remaining is to reduce operating hours or close child care spaces.

With the Fee Reduction Initiative, the BC NDP now controls all income sources available to child care programs.  Child care programs have no source of revenue outside of fees and the CCOF/CCFRI programs.

With the expansion of 22,000 child care spaces, the need for ECE teachers has significantly increased. An additional 4,000 teachers are needed just to keep these expanded spaces running, while the problem with our current spots remains unresolved.

With these actions, the BC NDP has ensured that the BC government is responsible for addressing the ECE Teacher Shortage.


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I call for the BC NDP to immediately act to:

1. Introduce a significant wage subsidy, comparable to Alberta (6.62/hour) to bring licensed ECE teachers to 25.00 / hour and licensed Infant/Toddler teachers to 27.00 / hour.  Future increases must be committed to, ensuring all BC teachers - in child care centers or in public schools - receive equal wages recognizing equal training. 

2. Introduce a pension subsidy in the amount of 7% of teacher wages (regardless of license type) to allow for a provincial wide early education pension plan.

3. Introduce a benefit subsidy in the amount of 4% of teacher wages (regardless of license type) to allow for all teachers in early education in BC to receive benefits.

4. Introduce a minimum annual requirement for all child care programs to provide teachers in early education with professional development opportunities during paid work hours. This is the standard for school districts and ALL BC children deserve to have teachers who are able to access ongoing training during work hours. These could be regional / district closure dates, or simply a predetermined amount of allowable closures per child care centre.

5. Create an ECE professional college. A professional regulatory college for teachers in early education will ensure teachers are safe, ethical and competent. Over 25 other professionals in BC have regulatory colleges - early education deserves the same.

If the ECE teacher shortage is not immediately addressed, the impact on children in BC will be devastating.  The quality of child care in BC is at risk; the safety of our children in child care is at risk. 

The BC NDP must act now - Our Children Can’t Wait.


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