Possible Platform Survey

Click here to learn about and provide feedback on possible Universal Child Care implementation plans.  Please complete by Wednesday April 25, 2018!


This survey is to invite responses on possible implementation plans for universal child care in BC. The BC NDP have publicly supported the 10/day plan, which has no implementation detail. The BC NDP have released statements on their child care goals (affordability, accessibility, quality) but these statements have also been short on details.

As an owner-operator, the details of implementation are what make the difference between financial viability for your centre or shutting down. There are provincial and federal commitments to a universal child care plan - so change is coming and can not be avoided. Government funding will come with accountability measures, and that also can not be avoided.

We are hopeful, however, that we can provide consultation and recommendations for an implementation plan for a BC Universal child care model - one that, long term, will address the staffing crisis, quality of care, and offer financial terms that are acceptable to market based operators.

This survey will introduce several Universal Child Care models to you, as possibilities for BC. We invite you to consider how these models might work for your business, and then to offer your concerns about each model, as well as the parts that you like. There are costs and benefits to all of these models; what is important is to begin to rule out models that would not support the diversity of child care in BC.

Once we receive feedback, we will put it together in a cohesive platform and present these findings to the government.

This platform will NOT be a step-by-step implementation plan, or only one plan, for Universal Child Care.

It will be several of the possibilities listed here that as child care operators, we believe are worth looking in to.
It will include our concerns that should be researched.
It will also recommend that these models are all tried in the upcoming "prototype" programs, by operators - market based and not for profit - who believe in them, so they can be tested and researched prior to any universal roll-out. We have outlined the basic details of each of these plans, and suggested possible funding formats, but are aware that

We hope that they take our research and recommendations seriously and we have been offered the opportunity to sit down and present and discuss our platform once we compile this survey.

Child care operators have the experience in starting up and sustaining quality child care centres in BC, and our experience should not be ignored. Thank you for taking the time to consider each of these implementation plans. Every voice added provides more information that is desperately needed.