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We offer many ways to become involved with BCCCOA and are excited to welcome you to our community of child care advocates!


BCCCOA Membership - child care owners / operators

As a BCCCOA member, you get updates on our current campaigns, the latest Child Care BC news, and information on legislation that directly impacts you. The best part is that it is 100% free.

With over 500 members across BC, we can effectively advocate for high quality child care policies in our province.




BCCCOA Membership - educators

We recognize that many early childhood educators (ECE) across BC have plans to own or operate child care programs of their own and becoming involved in our professional association  is one important step towards that goal!  

Other ECE's may simply be interested in collaborating with employers to ensure fair compensation and a positive, high quality work environment, rather than the outdated approach of working against operators in a "us-versus-them" mentality.  

Children deserve to grow up in a diverse community that is united together in a commitment to quality early education - and BCCCOA believes that all voices need to be heard in order to create the best possible child care system in BC.  

Thank you for joining us!



Accredited Early Learning Facility

Are you a child care owner / operator and are committed to providing high quality programs?  You can apply to BCCCOA for accreditation status.  As an accredited early learning facility, you have access to a variety of benefits and are able to offer your families and employees a standard of child care unavailable at non-accredited facilities.  

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